Record a video about how the American Rescue Plan has impacted your family. (Less than 60 seconds.)

The American Rescue Plan passed in March 2021 to help families across the country as they struggle through the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact. This landmark legislation included:

  • Expanded health care benefits & home- and community-based services coverage
  • Tax credits through the Child Tax Credit (CTC), Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and stimulus payments
  • Childcare benefits via increased subsidies and more
  • Unemployment benefits extended through September 2021
  • Expanded tax credits for employers to provide emergency paid pandemic leave

Personal experiences are powerful and can make a HUGE difference in helping our communities and elected leaders understand how public policies impact families. 

* Be sure to wipe your camera lens before you record and be in a brightly lit, quiet place.

* You can record on your computer (you may need to give permission to access your camera) or phone (best done in the wide setting) and upload it that way, too.

* Your video will be made public for you to share on your social media platforms, so take care not to share anything that you do not want to be shared in a public format.

*Make sure your video is less than 60 seconds, otherwise it will be clipped at the end. We may also edit your video for presentation purposes.



Preview Your Video

This is how your video will look like with our branded animated overlays. If you don’t like what you recorded, remember you can always retake as many times as you need.

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